What’s the fastest way to improve customer experience and reduce costs? Outsource to an expert.

Matt D EatonIf you are considering outsourcing your contact center, I have written this post to give you a solid checklist of what to look for. If you would like to talk, my number is 303-803-7372 and my email is matthew.eaton@proxioutsourcing.com I am here to help you in any way I can.

One of the biggest misconceptions CEO’s have is that they must handle customer service themselves. It’s like there is an unwritten rule that good or bad expensive or not you must handle the service side of your business on your own; not true.

The fact of the matter is you most likely don’t handle your own logistics, ad campaigns, and payroll. Nothing in your resume told you “I think I can ship my product on my own better than FedEx or UPS, so why not look at your customer service operations through that same lens? It’s 100% possible and in most cases profitable to outsource customer service and improve customer experience while simultaneously reducing costs.  You don’t gain a sustainable customer advantage by cost cutting; you gain it by putting customers first, outsourcing to customer service experts is a way to do both. many years as a customer experience expert and if I have learned anything it’s that for many companies customer service and customer support is not their core competency.

Below is some of my insight on several aspects of customer experience that companies need to consider when collaborating with an outsourcer on customer service:

ServiceYou want to avoid “butts in seats” and work with an outsourcer that provides brand ambassadors:
Look for a company that can give you brand ambassadors that understand your culture and are hardcore about servicing and promoting your brand. At PROXI we take this very seriously and make every effort to ensure that your new contact center representatives are a direct extension of you. In fact, this is where our name “PROXI Outsourcing” comes from. PROXI agents bleed the color blood of the client they work for.

Always look for employee engagement with your contact center outsourcer:
Look at the outsourcers company closely does it match your culture or better, is a culture you aspire too? The outsourcer you choose to partner with has to have an employee-centric approach to their own staff. This means that they provide world-class providing training and development allowing your new partner to be informed and engaged, which helps to ensure their success in responding to you. Hiring right is essential to them being able to equip you with a better customer experience. You don’t want “butts in seats” you want your new outsourced contact agents to have a predisposition to serve and delight your customers. If there is ever a problem, mistake made or customer complaint, you want your new team oif agents to be the first one to raise their hand and communicate the issue to their managers and up to you.

Service 2Make sure you don’t distance yourself from your customers:
It’s been 15 years and my 70 year old mother still tells the story about how her previous bank of 40 years sent her to India when her and my father lost their checkbook on vacation. It is hard to place a true value on these negative experiences but I think it is pretty safe to say many companies loss much more business than the dollars saved by going offshore. I love the fact that I am able to offer my clients a Geographical Advantage. PROXI’s U.S.-based call centers are located in the Midwest (Lincoln, Nebraska, and Aurora, Colorado), operating across two time zones (Central and Mountain), and servicing your customers 24/7. This provides your customers with clear and effective communication for a positive brand experience. All of our associates work in one of these two offices, allowing us to safeguard your customers’ data by controlling physical access to the premises.

Service 3Your new outsourced contact partner must have security “locked down”:
Superior Security is must especially with all of the treats to your customers’ personally identifiable information. Proxi is serious about security. Some may consider our locked down infrastructure a bit over the top, but we like sleeping at night and you should look for a partner that feels the same way. We comply with all government regulations, maintain hardware and software in secure locations, and hire great people who leave nothing to chance. We continually invest in our associates’ security knowledge—along with performing detailed background checks and going through government clearance processes, all PROXI Outsourcing associates attend ongoing security training sessions.

Service 4Your new partner should bring you insights and outcomes:
Don’t settle for a partner that just answers your calls and sends you basic feedback. Find a partner that uses analytics and trending to find and report the underlying issues you can resolve to reduce interactions. At PROXI we feel that a short-term loss in call volume will translate to a long-term gain in business because driving a better customer experience builds trust.

Do they live and breathe customer experience?:
As I often say when I am asked to speak on customer experience at events; More and more organizations are recognizing that the only sustainable competitive advantage is customer experience. Your customers won’t tolerate chronic underperformance, so you need to make sure that any change in your customer support efforts up the quality of your game. Companies that recognize the importance of this will thrive, and the others will suffer the consequences when consumers decide to do business elsewhere. There is nothing that is more important than interactions with your consumers when they want or need something. The success of your business tomorrow is a direct reflection on how you service your customers today. If you are not 100% convinced that you are fully equipped and capable of delivering an affordable, scalable world-class customer experience, then I would love to talk and can be reached at 303-803-7372.


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